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About Us

Hazaribagh live is a small team of dedicated people who are working hard to bring out the outstanding information, views, news, services and events from each and every nook and corner of our city, hazaribagh.

We are not a news portal but an information portal covering all aspects of our city and bring them in front of everyone. We believe it is important to focus on the subject of your city which is in most of the time gets diluted among the stacks of other news.

We carefully gather the information from various sources, which include news websites, News Channels, events getting conducted within the city as well as services which are present in our city. These are unknown to many of us. We, on Hazaribagh live, have tried to take a step forward to put all the aforesaid aspect on a digital platform so that it can be accessed with ease and can help the people.

Our prime focus is on hazaribagh and its people which include people of all age groups. This portal not only provides information but also acts as a digital platform which can bring out the hidden talent, Important News, Views and Services which is important to our people of hazaribagh.

We follow the approach of communication in simplest of way that can convey the message with ease. Our Motto is to make every people understand the provided information in such a manner as it has been communicated to them by their friend and in the language which they understand.

Hazarbagh Live follows the approach of putting up the information in the languages “Hindi and English”, this ensures that the main objective of communication is achieved and people get informed about the subject.

Our Objective

Our aim and objective is to cover and bring live important aspects listed below:

  1. Information related to hazaribagh
  2. Events happening in and around hazaribagh
  3. Local Business and Services
  4. Local Heath Care
  5. Education
  6. Career opportunities
  7. Cover Stories
  8. Religious aspects
  9. History and Tourism in and around Hazaribagh, and much more…

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