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The website “www.hazaribaghlive.com” is only a informative web portal which aims to bring out live the “information” related to various fields (local news, views, services, events, business, education etc). The website is using the collected information from various medium which include various sources such as news portals, news channels, web portals and provides proper accreditation to the sourced news.

Although we have taken utmost care before publishing any information on the web portal there are changes of errors and mistakes which can be factual, typographical , Graphical or others. The issues can be raised by providing the feedback on the published information at support@hazaribaghlive.com.

Hazaribagh Live “the website” does follow the informative approach and provides only the information on any subject not the judgment on the issues. “The website” does not support any individual, person, gender, Political Party(ies), racial discrimination, Religious discrimination. Our Articles does not intentionally hurt any sentiments of any sect, class, religion or race.

The Information provided by the individual (online or offline), business and services can be used in the enhancement of the website sections and the provider agrees to make the information public.

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